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About Me

I grew up around handyman type work. My dad did it for over 30 years so I got to learn from the best. Painting, remodeling, roofing, fencing, you name it, he put me to work.

I spent 20 years in management (I started young) with 2 of the largest companies and considered the best in their category, learning how to provide great customer service. I still helped my dad when I went into management and never got away from being a handyman. I have dedicated more time to the craft in the past few years so I can offer the best service found and lower prices than the big guys since overhead is low. I don't build every pfence myself but all Pflugerville Pfence Company workers are trained employees, we do not use subs or temps. Business has grown, so skilled staff has had to be added also.

I believe that all work should be done to the customer's satisfaction, with integrity, professionally and at an affordable price. Service is when you get more than you pay for.